Legends mode (online)

Legends mode (online)

Postby Driver » Thu Jun 25, 2009 10:27 am

Hi there, im one who playing PES2009 Legends Mode for points, my nickname there is Yozh, we have only small group of player which playing for points (around 20-30), other players still playing for fun
my videos from Legends can be found there: http://youtube.com/tdhdriver
So, Legends mode is only mode that im playing in PES 2009, for pvp and pvc i prefer PES3
This mode is too arcadish and gives me much fun only when i playing for points (i mean 1 touch, quick passing beetwen all player and shoot = x12 high points)

So here is my wishes for this mode in PES 2010:

- I want that points counter starting to count speed and teamwork only when player touches the ball for first time, not CPU or GK, hope u understand what i mean
- We want ranking for points, not only for replay in theatre
- We want u to solve high score lucky goal bug which present in total ranking in theatre from 1 to 4 or 5 place
- Will be great if will be increased number of participating players and able them t choose side (for example 4vs4, 2vs 6 etc)
- We want detailed stats for player (amount of passes, goal scored total, dribbled distance etc)
- CPU AI is very annoying, especialy in defense, it very hard to start atack from defence

Best regards
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Re: Legends mode (online)

Postby chinodeftones » Thu Jun 25, 2009 4:03 pm

salut mon pseudo sur pes 2009 en online est chinodeftones et j'adore ce mode qui est assez peu fréquenté malgrés de magnifiques parties avec des amis du monde entier dont yozh fait partie. Le fait de jouer en cooperasion est exellent.

voici quelques éléments a ameliorés auxquels il faut ajouté ceux de yozh:

- pouvoir choisr plus de players en assistants car 4 c'est peu
- pouvoir séléctionner des joueurs assistants qui sont dans les equipes classic (france classic, english classic par exemple)
- avoir plus de clarté sur l'attribution des points
- pouvoir attribuer la touche de chat en direct du match
- faire que la note du joueurs (A,B,C et novice) soit attribuer en fonction des statistiques des match jouer en réseau

merci d'avance pour l'interet qui sera faits sur ce splendide mode Legend
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Re: Legends mode (online)

Postby riquelme10 » Sun Jun 28, 2009 1:50 am

hi i m a hardcore player of this mode on ps3 (id:riquelme10) this mode is awesome especially whan played with teamwork passing players. still some improvements need to be accomplished:
- more players (4v4, 6v6 or even 10v10 if lagfree is insured)
- a stats ranking menu where we can see best scorers per game, assists per game, average rating(based on position respect not only gols&assists) ...etc
- lagfree of course (it s ok with players having yellow status) but we need 0 LAG plzzzz
- This apply for BaL too: the AI is catastrophic especially the defence!!!!!
- tournaments and leagues can add so much fun to this mode
- Being able to add comments on theatre and rating gols

that's all for now, hope KONAMi will hear our feedback for this mode cause it has so much potential
looking forward too the return of the king this year
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Re: Legends mode (online)

Postby WE-NDEL » Tue Jul 07, 2009 4:12 pm

Hi, I play in Legends Mode for points. My nickname is We. I play only Legends Mode, because i dont like pvp. I get very many fun when play it.
this is my wishes:
- Players can add comments on theater
- Comp have very hard defence( you get big points for goal only in counterattack)
- Points ranking ( don't do ranking for goals, because everyboady will play for goals not for points )
- More slots for replayes, because 3 slots is very little
- Should join the groups and choose the leader
- Choose most beautifull replay every week, month, etc.
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Re: Legends mode (online)

Postby menzie » Sun Jul 12, 2009 5:18 pm

Hi ...my names menzie my nickname is (menz) i play ledgens for teamwork fast 1 touch passing combination points and rankings I love this mode i love the potential it as ,game needs a few changes to make it a classic

Urgently fix

1...Defenders kick to touch far too often and far too quickly.

2...speed breaks down everytime when trying to create combination from defence

3...three slot replay is very annoying ,we need more slots

4...another thing that ruins the game is when you get beginners playing at A level standards your shouldnt be able to
change the setting, you should have to earn the right to play at this level

5...the lucky goal needs to go whats the point of it

6...player condition needs to be urgently fixed whats the point having 3 good players one bad crazy ..please do away with it, make everyone equal

7...(Online) Need i say anymore.. Its about time you get this right - No more lag-
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Re: Legends mode (online)

Postby menzie » Wed Jul 15, 2009 12:13 am

when playing you should be able to view messages like at half time or at the end of the game ..sick of going back to lobby ...many thx menz
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Re: Legends mode (online)

Postby Driver » Tue Nov 03, 2009 9:38 pm

well, konami you still keep loosing your fans and your money
you are completely killed legends mode in pes 2010, that was only mode that im playing on that ***** current-gen pes series
you know about cpu's bug on v1.01, but real problem is that old-gen online system is not suitable for legends
all players always having 2-4 secs delay and game is fully unplayable
u should back netcode from pes2009 to legends mode
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