New at WENB: The Official Konami PES Feedback Zone

New at WENB: The Official Konami PES Feedback Zone

Postby SteveM » Fri Jun 19, 2009 6:45 pm

There’s nothing more important to us than what fans like you think of PES. It’s only with your help that we can continue to improve PES and deliver the kind of football game simulation that doesn’t just meet your expectations, but blows them away.

That’s why we’re giving you the opportunity to tell the Konami team exactly what you think of the game. Whether you have praises, critique or suggestions for further developments – we want to hear them. And your voice will be heard. All the feedback you provide will be collected, analysed and forwarded directly to the PES Development Team. Plus, the Development Team will also be participating in thread discussions from time to time, so keep an eye out for their comments.

So go on, tell us exactly what’s on your mind!

Before you begin.

We know that for true fans, the PES issue is a highly emotional one. To make the exchange of thought as smooth as possible, please read the guidelines below. Write your post according to these suggestions and it will make it easier for both you and us.

(A) Please keep a reasonable tone and avoid any direct insults and ambiguities. A dialogue based on a mutual respect will result in a more effective thought-sharing process.
(B) We anticipate a lot of feedback from our fans, so please try to express yourself as precisely as possible and avoid long and complex structured sentences. This will not only make it easier for the Konami team when working with your statements, but also for other members who wish to attend the discussion and share their own thoughts.
(C) When posting please follow these guideline questions:

1. How long have you been playing PES?
2. What are the aspects that you like most about PES?
3. What are the aspects that you don’t like about PES?

We are eagerly awaiting your comments. And once you’ve shared your thoughts, spread the word to other PES fans everywhere!

This is your chance to have a voice – so have your say!

PES talks to their community – PES listens to their community – PES loves their community!
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Re: New at WENB: The Official Konami PES Feedback Zone

Postby mufc4life » Fri Jun 19, 2009 7:06 pm

hi ive been playing pes since the iss days

the things i like about pes at the moment are
the reaction times
ball physics
player models

things i think need improving are
player freedom (no more rails)
master league
no more invisible walls

thanks konami for listening to the community
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Re: New at WENB: The Official Konami PES Feedback Zone

Postby DaWolf » Fri Jun 19, 2009 7:16 pm

1. How long have you been playing PES?
- Since ISS Deluxe on S-NES
2. What are the aspects that you like most about PES?
Variety of gameplay situations, ball physics
3. What are the aspects that you don’t like about PES?
- I dont like the game today. I had no issues with the older ones. Its stiff, bad looking, doesnt have the flow of the old games. The precision of passing, crossing is lacking.. I could go on and on.
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Re: New at WENB: The Official Konami PES Feedback Zone

Postby jkb31 » Fri Jun 19, 2009 7:23 pm

i've been playing PES ever since the old iss days. for me the series is still the number 1.

what i like about it:
tactical depth
player models
simple controls
goals are not scripted
ball physics
diverse game modes

what i dislike:
manual goalkeeper missing in the latest installment
restrictions on editing (i don't mind the lack of licenses as long as there are enough possibilities to edit everything e.g. generic bundesliga)
AI is not clever enough, does not take advantage of obvious mistakes
players unable to move after taking a free kick
animations in general and goalkeepers in particular
unrealistic transfers in master league mode ( sometimes i have the feeling the CPU does not want to buy the very good players)
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Re: New at WENB: The Official Konami PES Feedback Zone

Postby Guest » Fri Jun 19, 2009 7:23 pm

I play Pes since Pes 5 to Pes 6.

I like in Pes:

1.Model of players
3.Online but only in Pes 6!
4.Time reaction of players
7.Edit mode

I don't like in Pes 2008 and 2009

1.Animations-looks like robotic
2.Ball psychics- its too fast like ice hockey ;)
3.Nets with sandbags-its terrible
4.Arcade game
5.Not fun
6.Option file working only offline-I want OF working online with correct kits
8.Not deep Edit mode in consoles
10.Music in game
11.Chants supporters
12.Not enought animations for goalkeepers

Re: New at WENB: The Official Konami PES Feedback Zone

Postby escord » Fri Jun 19, 2009 7:28 pm

1. How long have you been playing PES?
Since Winning Eleven 3 (bought every version since then)

2. What are the aspects that you like most about PES?
-Gameplay as a whole is good.
-Ability to move around with the ball, in much stable way.
-The player model is good but there is always room of better modeling.
-Ball Physics

3. What are the aspects that you don’t like about PES?
- AI, it needs improvement, I hate it when sometimes I want to pass to a certain player but when I press everything needed to make that pass, the ball just goes to another player.
- Refrees, they love the color red, for the slightest tackles. Also put real refrees names and models, and the personality of each refree.
- Animation, it needs a lot of improvements.
- They way players shoot looks very weird on most cases, needs improvement.
- Cheering stance.
- Remove the sound of the ball when the player dribble.
- Real Currency in Master League, like I want to buy Messi for 150 Million Euro, instead of 50,000 of the current currency.
- In the master league just write Spanish League-Italian League, that doesn't require license.
- Online, lol I forgot about online, I never play after trying it on the first days of buying PES 2009-08.
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Re: New at WENB: The Official Konami PES Feedback Zone

Postby Guest » Fri Jun 19, 2009 7:28 pm

I've been playing since the ps1 days.

- I really like the way PES preserve individuality and the little touches that are put in the game
- Gameplay responses
- Feel of the game (PS2)
- Ball physics
- Advantage rules(PS2)
- Edit mode
- Graphical improvements
- Shirt physics and emotions(Will be in PES2010 supposedly)

- Features that are great being cut off in every new PES (for example be able to edit shorts, training games, manual keeper control)
- The D-pad skill instead of right analog is awful
- AI bugs
- Keepers and players animations are too old and too few
- Referee(pes2009)
- Online not working
- There are no lower divisions league for every major league (ML and BAL)
- Automatic through ball & passing directions and power instead of manual (I think PES should have manual passing mode and automatic mode or mix between two)
- Skill statistics that needs improvements
- Curling of the ball is not enough
- Shots too slow in direct FK
- Goal nets and sandbags
- Shorts physics looks too heavy instead of light
- BAL mode and ML needs to be improve (Manager customizing, in depth player customization)
- CL not integrated to ML and BAL
- Needs more countries (Asian, American, African, Arabian, etc...)

Re: New at WENB: The Official Konami PES Feedback Zone

Postby The Fabregastricband » Fri Jun 19, 2009 7:32 pm

I have been playing PES since ISS pro 98 (PS1)

What I like

-The satisfaction of scoring and the seemingly endless variety of ways to score. PES2009 is still my most played game.


-Reaction times and ball physics (although perhaps too floaty at times - would like to drill a cross in like in 2008)

-MP3 import option - nice touch

What I dislike

-The constant removal of features and options. WHY? Scenario's, PES shop, Training exercises, Random Selection, Memorial match, star difficulty rating, advantage rules, on screen scores and stats. BRING THEM BACK!

-Overall presentation (Especially menus - fonts, resolution etc)

-Rigid animations introduced in PES2008

-Too easy on top player

-ML needs to improve


-d-pad skill

-Poor atmosphere and crowd reactions.

-Invisible walls and player freezes (after set pieces)

-Needs depth of previous titles - improve stats and attack/defence balance.

-Edit mode should be as limitless as possible.
The Fabregastricband

Re: New at WENB: The Official Konami PES Feedback Zone

Postby lazoli » Fri Jun 19, 2009 7:38 pm

Hi and thank you very much for this opportunity.

The game has always been very realistic, simulation instead of arcade, the players move and act like their real life counterparts as it's always been stated in the game description everywhere on the internet. And the ball physics has always been awsome. Also you never knew when you were going to score. Defense seemed to be the first priority in all of those previous versions. These aspects what kept me and I believe kept all of PES fans play this game for all these years. The last two games(PES 2008 and 2009), although 2009 was headed to the right direction but enough, have been somehow a dissapointment for us. It lost it's magic. Now you know when you are going to score or beat the goalkeeper whenever you want. It's very frustrating.
I hope these will be fixed in the next series of PES. And I have hope in Konami.

The things I want to see them improve are basically bring back the great gameplay from older series like PES4. That would be great!
I play the game online a lot, so a dedicated server for online play would be awsome as well.
Also 2vs2 or 3vs1, group games and online competitions(especially Champions League and UEFA competitions) and Spectate a match online (just like in PES6) so you can watch other players games would be a nice addition to the series.

I am looking forward to the new PES 2010 and I can't wait for it for sure. Please Konami do not dissapoint us this time and give us our beloved game back.

Thank you again and good luck! :)
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Re: New at WENB: The Official Konami PES Feedback Zone

Postby Drunkenshaolin » Fri Jun 19, 2009 7:39 pm

Hello, Great you guys are doing this well done.

A) ive being playing PES since?......ISS days then, The first "true" Pro Evolution Soccer (Winning Eleven 5) game was released in October 2001 also
B) The things i like about pes at the moment are?.....
I like the ball physics
BAL mode
Pace of the Game
Edit mode (Kind of)

C) things i think need improving are?.....ok here goes.
ML needs big reality re-vamp
Edit Mode...face import, boot editor stuff like that
(InGame Sounds- crowd chants, commentary scripts.)
Player A.I. (do not see Teamvision at all)
Keeper improvement
I Love BAL, but can be so much better with Improvements
Team licences

just like to say good luck, looking forward to what you bring to the table....
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Re: New at WENB: The Official Konami PES Feedback Zone

Postby DalyBhoy » Fri Jun 19, 2009 7:43 pm

- I Have been playing PES since PES1 on the playstation and have had every game PES1-PES2009 .
-Even PES Manager
-Bought PES5 twice (on ps2 and psp) -Bought PES6 twice (ps2 and xbox360) -Bought PES2009 twice (xbox360 and PS3)

-The Aspects I Like Most About PES :)

-The Player Individuality and attention to detail regarding different players.(faces,boots,running motion,free-kick stance,celebration etc)
-It was the first football title to include such detail.When a good player was on the ball you knew he was special and that he could make the difference.

-The Reaction Times

-The Ball Physics , (although I feel the unpredictability has been lost a little)

-The Simplicity , (it should stay simple dont over complicate things with trick sticks etc. A few tricks ok but keep it simple)

-Peter Brackley and Trevor Brooking

-Star Difficulty Rating

-Master League

-Edit Mode

Good Things I think PES has lost over the years :?

- The Classic Intro's , they captured the whole feeling and emotion of 'the beautiful game'

-The Unpredictability , anything can happen feel like real football.

-The player individuality . Players now feel more or less the same . I want to be able to know who are the skillfull players , the strong players , the quick players etc when I am controlling them.

-The Unique ideas and gamemodes (memorial match,PES shop,Random Select Matches,Training Games etc.)

-The Variety (in nets , stadiums , crowd chants , boots , edit mode , player appearence , Pitch pattern and texture)

What I Dont Like About PES :cry:

-Scripted and robotic feel to gameplay

-The Animations for players and goalkeepers. (90 degree turn inside is terrible !!)

-The current Nets

-The current commentators and script.

-The current Intros

-The Penalties

-The ONLINE play (too laggy)

-The current lack of variety in nets , pitch pattern , stadiums , crowd chants , edit mode , player appearence.

-Too Many Removed Features (memorial match,PES shop,Random Select Matches,Training games)

-The AI especially 2009

sorry for the long post .

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Re: New at WENB: The Official Konami PES Feedback Zone

Postby Tummek » Fri Jun 19, 2009 7:49 pm

Q: How long have you been playing PES?
Since ISS 97 on Playstation

Q: What are the aspects that you like most about PES?
Edit mod, animations and gameplay

Q: What are the aspects that you don’t like about PES?
Master League its limited.
Skill's on D-pad.
I don't like AI from Pes 2009 when the CPU make auto decisions for us.
Another thing. I hate when i try to block the cpu team and they breaks our difencive lines so easy.

Sorry my english ;)
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Re: New at WENB: The Official Konami PES Feedback Zone

Postby agente_02 » Fri Jun 19, 2009 7:49 pm

1.Have been playing religiously since pes1

2.What i like:
-individuality of each player
-individuality of each team
-reaction times
-every game is different and there is a lot of variety on goals
-some movies like when winning a cup

3.What i dislike:
-the animation stiffness
-the physical play
-online mode
-game more balanced to attack
-slide tackle lack of variations
-crowd atmosphere
-AI is really bad these days
-Goalkeepers being bad, really bad!!

What i would like to see is a game as realistic and fun as possible.
Between Really nice to see this Konami effort
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Re: New at WENB: The Official Konami PES Feedback Zone

Postby Alolo91 » Fri Jun 19, 2009 7:51 pm

1. How long have you been playing PES: I been playing since PES 2 and will continue. :D

2. What are the aspects that you like most about PES: The Gameplay in PES 2 to 6, but not the 2 latest games. (2008 and 2009) And of course the little cool things that happens just out of nowhere. All the game modes and Edit mode. 8-)

3. What are the aspects that you don’t like about PES: I must be the Animations, The players movements looks little handicapped or something especially when they jump and then suddenly crouches in the air to do a header. And Lack of things to do in BAL and ML.

That's why think about the game. :D
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Re: New at WENB: The Official Konami PES Feedback Zone

Postby hulkamania78 » Fri Jun 19, 2009 7:54 pm

I have been playing PES /iss for over ten years now.

I love the following with PES:

The shots are spot on physics etc.
The detail of players faces is excellent
The old PS2 game engine - as it always gave you that no games are the same feel.

I hate the following with PES ( CURRENTLY):

ONLINE is the biggest let down ,I played PES 5 on the original Xbox over 1500 games and never once experienced the lag etc that has plagued 2008/2009. Pes 6 ( 360) was spot on online . I have rang your Online section many times and even upgraded my broadband to 20 meg with PES 2008 to try and improve my online experince which didnt help at all. Only to be met with your online section saying its a peer to peer problem but I dont experience any lag in other games especially FIFA.

Animations are horrendous at the moment. The movement and the 8 way control is becoming so unrealistic as each version is updated.

The sound the ball makes when you run or kick it is like a hammer hitting wood. The way you hit the post/bar and its louder than the crowd is not real at all.

The offline tournaments i.e masters league and cups etc are so boring now its the same incarnation every year with a new coat of paint,
The lack of licensed teams is only just getting to me as I could over look it before due to the excellent gameplay but having played alot more FIFA09 this year its defo the way forward.

The online options are very much last gen - again if the gameplay and lag was of a higher standard I would defo not be complaining but 1v1 ranked is all you can gain from pes at the mo, 2v2 is a lag fest.

The defending is ridiculous in PES 2008/9 I can set all my defenders back to the goal and have them as deep as possible but they will still randomly run away from the ball if I am not controlling the ball or the cursor does not highlight them quick enough,

The passing is so random you can pull of a top move then the next minute the strangest stray pass will go to the opposition.

Top players like Messi/ Ronaldo can run through everyone without the defenders getting near them.

Please improve the keepers they have parried out shots to claim any easy tap in for far to long.

I have never been so disappointed in a PES but 2009 broke the back for me. I played PES 2008 every day even online with the teleporting etc and thought that you would improve and having bought PES 2008 and 2009 for the following consoles : 360/ps3/Wii/PSP - I feel my comments are justified as a loyal and dedicated PES fan who is currently playing FIFA but would love to come back to my beloved PES.

Please Konami sort it out for me and everyone else we believe in you guys!!!!!

Sorry for going on but finally it seems are questions may actually be answered,

hulkamania78 (360/ps3)
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Re: New at WENB: The Official Konami PES Feedback Zone

Postby bigol » Fri Jun 19, 2009 8:01 pm

First of all, congrats to everyone who made this section possible

then let's go to express my ideas

How long have you been playing PES?

It was long long ago, i remeber i imported Winning eleven 4 in Japanese and translated all names according to the callnames pronounced by Kabira

What i like about Pes

1. It's incredibly fun
2. The editor is one of the best in videogames
3. Player's likeness to their counterparts, wonderful!
4. The reaction times
5. Master League Mode
6. Be a Legend
7. Graphics are ok. You're doing a wonderful work with Pes 2010

What i don't like about Pes

1.First of all, ONLINE. Pes 2008 and Pes 2009 online are the worst online i played in a videogame. Too laggy!
2.Since Pes 2008 it has became too much arcade. There are super players that no one can stop
3.Robotic movements. In Ps2 versions they were better than those in Pes 2008 and Pes 2009
4. Master League is the same from years, it needs more managerial aspects with Champion's League and Europa League integration
5. Licenses are few. I will be hapy even if you add Russian League or Greece League, but the more the better
6. There is a bug which makes players stop for a sec or two if the ball hits the barrier on a free kick. Please, remove it
Newest Pes news website and forum for Italian people

Originally wrote by pando
Anyway, "haters" or the ones who love to point out the flaws and say "it's not good this way, would'nt it be better to do it like this?" are the ones who keep the community alive and show still faith in PES, still talking about how to improve it. Not just to bash it. Blind love or faith for the game will not bring it back to its old glory. Positive critics and suggestions, as much as we can, is what can help Konami and the series right now.
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Re: New at WENB: The Official Konami PES Feedback Zone

Postby raulos » Fri Jun 19, 2009 8:04 pm

I have played pes for four years, PES 3,4,5,6 i loved them they were like religion for me. I do not play pes for 2 years. I was very dissapointed your stand. Now i really belive pes can back on his position.

I loved in pes a freedom, i could do whatever i wanted to. Every single shot, a goal, every action even not successful made me happy, a smile was on my face. Everything was unpredictible and well balanced. Details that no other sport game had except pes. Raul after he missed he rised his hand and thanked teammate for pass. It was beautiful, the details. The game was well balanced. Every person had his own style of play. You felt what could happen if you do one thing or the other. You could score a goal the way you really wanted to, the way you would do that in a real life in such a situation. The online mode - i sat in front of TV with pes at mornig and finished playing at evening i was training my own style all the day and it worked ! I could play against people around the world all the time with NO LAGS and i still was enjoyed like it was a first time. I want bring it all back with a next gen style ! We all do. DONT WE ?

Pes 2008 and 09 are a totall disaster i do not know how you could do pes so arcadish so robotic and out of controll. Players move like robots. There are fake situations that you cant controll, you cant handle it. I pes 5,6 you had under controll every step of your opponent if you were good.

I want you to create a real simulator in a next gen syle. Realistic animations and details that will make the game looks like its a real match.
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Re: New at WENB: The Official Konami PES Feedback Zone

Postby schmales » Fri Jun 19, 2009 8:08 pm

I´m speaking for myself and for my brother:

1. We´ve been playing since ISS on PS1 (on highest difficulty)!

2. - We have always liked the responsiveness of PES
- On PS2 one could say, who the player is by his running style!
- The Master League idea (default player, player improvement, etc.)
- The deadly passes, but also the search to find the gap to pass it!
- Practice challenges, like the Umbro PTC (would be great in BAL!)
- The difficulty to score a goal until PES6, each goal felt like a great achievement

3. - small, fast players are almost impossible to stop
- attackers turn and defenders often run between attacker and ball!
- defenders "hesitating" at long balls, so that players like rooney always get the ball and couldn´t be challenged
- PES09 Goalkeepers fumbling the ball in their own goal or directly to the opponent´s striker
- sliding tackles parallel to attacker´s running direction with the INNER leg (highly unrealistic)
- referees with no sense for the level of the foul
- Since PES08 players nearly always shoot with their better foot, although it does not make any sense, because of
their position in front of the goal
- better balance when striker use inner side, upper side or outer side of the foot
- no invisible walls and freezing after freekicks
- seperate sections for (new) stats for each position, especially Goalkeepers
- Especially Master League:
- Real currencies
- more manager features like changing the club, promotional aspects
- Indication why transfer does not happen (club, loan, contract lenght)
- better rating balance between defenders and attackers (defenders should get a 7.5.not only if they score a
- better stamina, pro players are able to play one game a week
- realistic transfer offers for the own players, with correlation to the players stats

Thank you Konami, although part 3 is longer than part 2, I always loved PES and most of the things are details, but the details are what made PES special on PS2!
Get it going´ Konami, bring us back PES from the glorious old days!
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Re: New at WENB: The Official Konami PES Feedback Zone

Postby Captain Flapjack » Fri Jun 19, 2009 8:10 pm

Great! Ive Played all the series (from pes3)
What I like about PES(6 especially)
the unpredictactability and variety of goals, the fun and the balance/ recreating the fun/balanced gameplay of pes6 would be a start.
What i would like for pes 2010
It would be good if the shorts in pes10 could be less baggy than the pictures showed, and crease as much as the shirts.
Hope we will have the option of short socks, undersleeves, neckwarmers, long tapes and long trousers for goal keepers. Boots should be more and editable like in pes6 and PLEASE bring back the kit mixer like the one in pes5 (where you press o for the option) to allow you to alternate kits before a game. Please fix the keepers gloves, they are too big.
Also, bring back challenge training and challenge mode. Thanks :D
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Re: New at WENB: The Official Konami PES Feedback Zone

Postby pesfan14 » Fri Jun 19, 2009 8:11 pm

first of all thanks for listening :D

- I have been playing since PES 2

I like...
- game play and realism (before 2008 & 2009)
- graphic improvements (faces for example)
- lighting effects (day time)
- edit mode
- become a legend (but needs improving)
- ball physics
- face scan

I dislike...
- players' animations and running styles (in 2008 & 2009)
- passing system lately (especially through passes)
- lighting during night games(it is too dark)
- shorts are too baggy
- not having untucked shirts
- gloves
- missing of different accessories & small details (neck warmers/short socks/under shirt/rolled up sleeves...)
- not able to add beard to default or scanned face
- the removal of the ability to mix kits and not choosing GK's kit
- master league need a lot of improvement
- I don't mind having more licenses (especially Egypt after their solid performances in confederations cup ;) )
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