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  • Chris Hankins

    I just got banned from Halo 4 war games for leaving too many games. This is confusing because first of all I lost the current big infinity slayer game I was playing, so I didn’t leave it. Second I got no warning that if I left another game then I would be banned temporarily like it Halo Reach. Third people can join mid way through the game so why does it matter if people leave games? All and all this is lame I got banned for an hour for losing a game and not even leaving. How does that make sense.

  • Money Maniac

    Hello Asim

    I know you don’t know me, but name is Casper, and I’m with MoneyManiac. I noticed that you link to a few other people, so I thought I would take a shot in the dark to see if you would be willing to link to us as well.

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    Thanks for taking the time to read this email.

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    Have a great day,