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You Can Get Pokémon Go Right Now in The UK!!

Officially, Pokémon Go has only been released for our brothers and sisters across the pond in places like, New Zealand and Australia. Some say this is a staggered release in order to help Weedle out the bugs. Sadly for Niantic, the internet is way to smart for small things like the ocean to stand in the way! If you’re on Android, you can grab the game via these unconventional means…

Don’t worry, it’s nothing illegal… to my knowledge…

Click here and you will be redirected to a site called APK Mirror. From there scroll down and select, Download APK. Once downloaded and ready to install, your phone should warn you about downloading things from unknown sources, click OK, then settings and enable this option. If your Android device is anything like mine, you can select “just for this application” (or something), meaning you won’t have to go back in and faff about with the settings when you’re done.

Once it’s finished, naturally you can open the app. You will need to sign in with a Gmail account so it maybe worth sorting one out before you try getting underway (we don’t want you having to postpone your excitement by a number of minutes now do we!?).

The internet highway is currently full of articles about why Pokémon Go isn’t ready for release, so grab this download with a pinch of salt.

Good luck, have fun Poké-fans!

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Source CNET

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