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Sony Set to Reveal PlayStation 4

We are very excited here at NGB as Sony are set to officially announce the PlayStation 4 on February 20th.

Over at the PS Blog,  Sony have invited users to ‘See the Future’ which points to the fact that they are ready to officially reveal their next-gen console, the PlayStation 4, also known as ‘Orbis’.

The video teasing the next-gen reveal can be seen below. Let us know if your ready to step in to next-gen shoes via the comment section below.

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  • http://twitter.com/hulkamania78 hulkamania78

    Must admit I am pure Xbox this gen. But intrigued by the supposed raw power difference between the 2′systems the xbox was the better looking cross platform game leader this gen but other than Gears and Halo 4 Playstation had some good looking IP’s but must admit they never really set the world on fire gameplay wise (UC the exception). I really played Xbox 90% this gen but have no loyalty console wise just were the best experience is to be had, I am getting both so choice is always a good option. Just make sure Playstation u include a bloody headset. Game chat and cross chat stopped me playing alot online as my friends wouldn’t purchase PS3 Bluetooth headsets. So I went pure xbox party chat with mates.