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ShopTo Charging For PS4 Orders Without Notification

We advise you to check your bank accounts this morning as it seems retailer ShopTo have made an error and starting to charge people for their PS4 orders early.

It seems to have happened to quite a lot of people who are complaining via NeoGaf. Our Editor-in-Chief, Asim Tanvir has also had his money stopped for his PS4 order which he stated on twitter advising:

Have you been charged for your order already without an email stating so? Let us know via the comment section below.

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  • AryelNGB

    No charge as of yet

  • Iain Culverhouse

    Paid for mine months ago

  • Nick Harrington

    Received the email, but 2 days later than intended. I doubt they’ve set out to do this on purpose but their emailing system just couldn’t cope with the load. A system requiring every single to customer to manually pay for the item would’ve avoided this situation entirely.