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Let’s Play – PES 2014!

The leaked PlayStation 3 demo of PES 2014 has come and gone, but we thought it was only right that we put together a lovely new video for you lucky lot. You know, showcasing the game and stuff.

The video sees our Editor-in-Chief Mr Asim TanvirĀ sit down with the leaked demo of Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 (PES 2014), giving his thoughts and general feelings regarding the game.

Enjoy the video and let us know your thoughts via the comments section below.

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PES 2014 will be released for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on September 20th.

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  • modixx

    Good video, Asim. I think I agree with most of the points you made regarding preview code.

    I think the shooting animations are bad to be honest. Played the leaked demo myself and seeing players sliding to make a shot then doing a strange soulless animation doesn’t give that good scoring feel.

    Also there’s the issue of how all players are two-footed, the frequency of using the strong foot is completely gone unlike in previous PES. I know that I got to position my player to his stronger foot but there should be at least some intervention from the game to replicate frequency of use.

    • AsimT

      Thanks, dude.

      Yup, it’s not great, is it? It’s stuff I fed back after preview code though, so hopefully I’ll see if it’s fixed in review code very soon. Also agree about the stronger foot point, but that’s also there in FIFA too. Disappointing really, cos it actually makes shots look a bit awkward.

  • prabi corvo

    hi asim

    after playing the latest code, does it ensure you that konami will have fixed the main issues of input lag , and response. Has this been fed back ?

    also please do a video in a different camera angle , im shocked at how this new custom feature hasnt been explored that much


    • AsimT

      They have certainly listened to what myself and many others have said, yes. I’m not sure if it’s at the level I’d like, but certainly better.

      I’ll do another video when I get review code, mate. Promise!

  • modixx

    One more thing I should note, I love the new left/right sticks trick system, but I’m slightly worried that it will turn into an exploit in multiplayer. Any player can do any trick, even keepers can flick rainbow tricks perfectly. There needs to be a stat/skill based system that decides which player can perform what tricks. Not only it would combat potential exploits but it also would make the game more realistic.

    And please Asim, if you could pass on this to Konami: give us more zoom-out distance for the camera!

    • AsimT

      I think it might be a bit too late about the camera, but your best bet is to very politely tweet Adam Bhatti. :)

      I agree about the trick system by the way.

    • banaanuitholland

      Stupid Konami. Why isn’t it possible to change the camera view during online matches? because this game wasn’t even finished.. Amateurs.


    Great video Asim, Hoping the problems you are finding are tweaked come the final version of the game.

    • AsimT

      Thanks, dude! Same here.

  • wickid

    dude if you are the worst really.. going on about menu’s and you need to remember it only 75 percent complete.. Why have some on who is so negative about the game nothing but fault.. dude go make one


      He is only saying the problems he has found so far and he said at the start it was only preview code

      • ilyas

        yeh, really gd video, lol that anoying (defensive) things are still there, I have lost matches in pes 13 becoz of those things. Konami MUST improve these things but very nice video by Asim.

        • AsimT

          Thanks, mate. I agree, hopefully the next demo or final release will improve these things.

    • AsimT

      If you think I went on only about faults, you need to watch the video again. I said the menu’s don’t really matter too, it was almost in jest that I said stuff about that. Taking that seriously, really?

      I also did predicate everything with this is early/preview code, and also stated the latest code I played had improved. If you want to troll away in the comments over here and the video, go ahead. Your giving us hits and views. Thanks. :)

    • Guest

      What a terrible comment, wickid. Come on you are better than this.

  • Seagull87


    What’s your view on long range shooting in the later code? Some are concerned ‘keepers are a bit too good at saving them.


    • AsimT

      I’ve scored a few crackers and conceded them too, so yeah not a huge issue for me.

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  • Volkan

    Asim thanx for the video and comment it’s nice to hear about the goods and the bads of the game. I wonder one thing? This year there would be “custom camera” is this true?

    • AsimT

      There is. I will show it off in the nest video I put up when I get preview code.

      • modixx

        You mean review code? :)

        Would be nice too to check if there are more cameras than the two in leaked demo.

        Looking forward to your review.

        • AsimT

          Haha, yeah! :)

  • sutton76

    i play on a site called pesallstars where we all use manual passing, and ive been told that on 2014 the power bar doesnt show the difference between auto and manual, if this is true i will be hugely disappointed, also looking at that video it seems the thru ball is still king which is another big disappointment but guess it keeps the lobby thru ball whores happy… ummmmm for all the talk of improvements it seems that it will be the same as b4 online games will be thru ball mainia, seems ppl cant score without the dreaded triangle

    • AsimT

      This was an issue that I came across when playing the latest code, through balls seemed overpowered. It almost felt like you were powerless against them.

      • sutton76

        lets hope when final code comes out its toned down, but i doubt it, thing is on 2013 even playing with no pass support the chipped thru ball always found its target like some strange force field round receiving player :(

  • prabi corvo

    sorry for my greedy commenting asim

    , one more question.

    Being yoursefl a FIFA player aswell like myself, how would you describe the overall experience in terms of general feel. Feel of the game , fluidity and general fun.
    Has this gameplay got the addictive come back for me feel ?

    thanks !!!

    • AsimT

      Fluidity is better in FIFA, but both have fun aspects about them. Right now, after playing pre-release code, I’ve had more fun with FIFA 14, especially next-gen. However, it could all change come final release.

      There’s that addictive come back feel in both games actually, which is great, but sadly both have their issues too. If we’re talking just PES though, it still has that “PES magic”, it’s just lost under a pile of issues, occasionally popping out to say hello!

  • JMJ Beats

    Again great video Asim, ive played this code too and its very challenging and can be frustrating at times. While you are playing you have to forget about previous Pes titles because gameplay offers you completely new opportunities thanks to fox-engine. Like you said the game needs improvement in some areas but i think Konami did a really great job with Pes2014 bearing in mind that they had to build a game with such a history from scratch. Most importantly they stayed true to themselves and tried to make a simulation.

    • AsimT

      I agree to an extent, it’s different but still has some very familiar problems too. I’m hoping to see improvements in final code.

  • Jack Ouille

    Wowww WTF 11:34 ??? sorry but i still playing to FIFA , PES 2014 is so bad i think
    new engine and same brain shit for goalkeeper , pes 2014 suck really

  • Oscar Arias

    Nice video AsimT! I know you mention you played both Pes 14 and Fifa 14 , but how to do compare both games with their manual controllers can you state the difference between them?

    • AsimT

      I prefer the manual settings in FIFA, more freedom. I say it in the video, Konami need to remove the 4 bar system. Keep it simple, then work from there. Assisted, semi-assisted and full manual.

  • Neil Edwards

    What are the sliding tackles like now – I don’t think in that video there was one. Is that because the ref is too harsh or is it not as an effective way of winning the ball? Near the end of your great video btw you could have made a slide challenge putting the ball out but chose to run alongside to try and nick it away.

  • banaanuitholland

    I hate PES 2014.. Konami made a big mistake by using a fixed camera (wide I guess) by playing online. What the hell were they thinking. You got a lot of free and manual play back, but online we cannot change our view how we like to play online matches. No guys it suck big time. And Konami will not fix this issue as we know Konami. That is such a stupid choice. And I really think the game want even finished when they released it. Such an amateurs. I returned pes 2014 because of this major and stupid action.