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Grand Theft Auto V – #Trailer 2 Analysis

The gaming world stood still yesterday as Rockstar Games released the second trailer for the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V.

We must’ve watched the trailer 20 or 30 times here at NGB, looking for new details and just taking in everything Rockstar had to show off. After watching it so many times, we thought it was only right to follow what we did with the first trailer and do a lovely analysis video for you lovely people out there.

Coming in at just over 20 minutes long, myself and Aryel dissect key parts of the second trailer, discussing in detail what we think about each section. Have a watch and let us know what you think via the comments section below.

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  • Adam_Bhatti

    Well done! Great stuff

  • Zee

    nice analysis but no mention of the combat just before the shot of Trevor where he slams the guy into a counter I hope this points to the combat system not just a cut scene.
    The are also the driving physics the cars seem to have a weight to them as the body rolls it was a sore point for me on GTA IV
    Lastly seems racing is back with the motorcross racing bikes and racing numbers on them which points to a return of races in different vehicles. Spring 2013 cant come soon enough

    • AsimNGB

      Thanks for the comment, Zee. It looked like a cutscene to us, hence no comment. You could watch that trailer so many more times and notice one or two new things every single time, it’s that good. Hope you’re right though, combat was a sore point in GTA IV.