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Future Skyrim DLC To Be ‘Meaty’

Bethesda have said that any future DLC for The Elder Srolls V: Skyrim will ‘have a lot of meat on them’.

This is claimed by game director Todd Howard who had this to say to Joystiq at the VGA awards:

“So we’re going through ideas right now, and processing everything people are doing in the game, and trying to think of ways that we can improve it.”

Release date and details of the DLC is yet to be unveiled. Howard explained:

“They won’t be quick, and they’ll have a lot of meat on them”

He also wants each DLC to have more of an Expansion Pack feel to them.

We will of course give you details of any DLC when we get them. Let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.

Source: Eurogamer

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  • jack hall

    i seriously hope u can bring morrowind and cyrodil back tht would be a sick dlc which everbody wants all over youtube and other websites i have found plzz it would be great for the game for players 2 experience let me know what you think

  • gage

    Cyrodill or Morrowind would be too much. I’m thinking the ability to ride odahviing as a method of manual transportation like a horse, horse armor, and High Rock would be within reason.

  • Justin

    I would love to see another shivering isles styled DLC like they did for oblivion. I would imagine Bethesda, being the almighty game creators as they are, would focus on a DLC that had the style of point lookout for fallout 3 (traveling to a whole new, unique, original landscape outside of your current area) I also notice that players in skyrim mostly use the same weapons ie: dawnbreaker, dragon bone/daedric armor. So Id love to see fresh loot that expands upon the creative process elder scrolls players love to see…maybe we’ll meet the adoring fan across our travels?

  • Jake

    Make it so you go back to savdngarde

  • Paul magic

    Put multiplayer into the game!! Ahh god it would make skyrim like god tier not saying it’s already up there but it would make Zeus tier

  • Drew

    Srsly, find a way to put some kind of co-op in the game, like even 2 player coop would make me shit bricks for days.

  • Archie

    I think it would be cool if you guys made Sovngarde stuff or more stuff with the snow elves, or maybe Return of the Dwemer but I would love to see a arena!

  • Jeremiah Burkhalter

    I believe that expanding the game to include all of tamreil and expand on a future the war with the Aldmarie Dominion.An arena would also be a no brainier.Expanding on heartfire i would allow for players to build their own shops.but i think opening up the borders in to all of tamriel would raise the bar for all other open world games in the future

  • http://facebook Nicholas ice

    i think skyrim future dlc could have a new monters as include spell to Summon a CERBERUS : Three-headed guard dog of hades i think awsome to see him in the skyrim or become king of all skyrim and be able to choice your our queen by your side and rule skyrim.

  • Danny

    To expand on Hearthfire, they must patch it.

  • steve

    Make additional perk points available. Level 50+ leveling requires a charicter to loose its uniqueness by having to level other trees just to finish filling out the skill trees you’ve chosen for that character.

  • Omiyaru

    what about including all of Nirn(Tamriel, Akavir, Atmora, and possibl re-surfaced Yocuda)and to explore the relms of Oblivion further than in Tes4