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Final Fantasy X HD PS3 Will Also Include Final Fantasy X-2

The PlayStation 3 version of Final Fantasy X HD will also come bundled with the sequel, Final Fantasy X-2.

This news comes reported by Nova Crystallis who stated that the news was confirmed in scans of Japanese magazine, Jump. The two games will come bundled on one single Blu-Ray disc.

The PlayStation Vita versions of both games will be sold separately and both will include the expanded international version content.

Are you happy that X-2 will also be included? Let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.

Source: CVG

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  • RaY [HTC One]


    • Aaron Moger

      Yes! Indeed :D

  • John Baybutt

    when is it coming out?

    • RaY [HTC One]

      Rumors saying late April or early Q2

  • truegamer

    You five are the only ones who care.