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Final Fantasy Versus XIII Cancelled?

It seems that Square Enix may have cancelled development of Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

The guys over at Kotaku have said that Square Enix had cancelled development of Final Fantasy Versus XIII weeks ago and that the team that were developing it has been folded into the development of the unannounced Final Fantasy XV.

Square Enix have yet to comment but we would love to hear your thoughts on this via the comment section below.

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  • chaos

    :’-( I’m very sad. I had so hoped for FF Vs XIII to become something unique and totally different from FF XIII.. :-/ Won’t happen now, I guess..

  • jacob

    Son of a *#&#/#^!!!!!!

  • Babyking

    I have been buyin and collecting FF games for alongtime and I was so looking forward to the unique world of FF13 vs. Honestly I have been watching and waiting for this game to be released since I heard of it and after all this waiting and development just so they can cancel it! Not cool square enix better shape up because they are goin to lose alot of customers if they dont. Obviously they are not as passionate as previous game designers in my opinion this franchise could last forever with proper leadership and when all else fails LISTEN TO THE FANS