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Downloadable PS Vita Titles To Be Cheaper?

It has yet to be officially confirmed or announced, but we’re hearing from certain sources that PlayStation Vita titles are going to be slightly cheaper if you choose to download them directly from the PlayStation Store.

According to our sources, boxed versions of PlayStation Vita titles will be priced somewhere near the £40/€50/$60 mark, whereas their downloadable counterparts will be £10/€10/$10 cheaper. This would be a more logical move from Sony who, let’s face it, got their strategy all wrong when it came to the PSP Go.

If this information does indeed turn out to be correct, would it heighten your interest in the PlayStation Vita? Let us know you thoughts via the comments section below.

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  • Guy

    but I like going to the game shop and buying it in a box:(

  • Jared

    Being from the US, $60, heck even $50 sounds pretty steep altogether. I hope your sources are wrong in all accounts for that matter. But with that being said, slightly lower prices for digital prices will be nicer upfront, but in the long term, retailers will retaliate, slashing prices as low as they feasibily can to get the sale. So in the end, I think retailers are going to win out. But since this is a portable system, I may opt to go digital if Sony stays true to its word on releasing all Vita titles going forward, both digitally & thru retail. The advantage of digital isn’t in the price, its the portability. If have the ability to pick up a 16GB PSV card, you can cram 3-5 PSV games, instead of risking carrying around and losing all 3-5 of those PSV retail games around in your pocket, because face it, carrying around multiple retail games in their display cases isn’t quite portable.


    Retailers simply would not allow themselves to be going against what they would deem “unfair competition” against the publishers they bought games from to sell only to be undercut my said publisher. Publishers and retailers have agreements in place which is why a game on PS Store (or XB Marketplace) are generally same price as the retail counterparts when they’re new, of course they say that price online because publishers like money and have zero reason to drop prices since they don’t have retail space to worry about. Regardless publishers have little to no reason to make online versions cheaper because they like money and pissing off retailers is a sure way to lose it. As for the price of PSV games, $40, there’s little to no reason they would be more with production costs that are similar to the PSP and while flash costs a fair bit more, it’s not that much. Besides, I’m sure Amazon’s already has had info on PSV game prices, I’d doubt they’d be foolish enough to make a conscious decision to sell PSV games are what could be a good bit less than what they should have. Sure they could easily cancel pre-orders but pissing off customers is not something they’re in the business of doing.