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Destination Destiny Podcast 1 – The One With Reveal Hype and a lot of Guessing

Welcome to the very, very first NGB Destination Destiny Podcast! We’re a new little content corner of NGB that has the sole aim of throwing as much Destiny and Destiny 2 related content at you as humanly possible. This episode Nico and Nick are joined by fellow Guardian, Raid fireteam member and Trials sympathiser – Mr James Brand, to talk about all of the things, including…

  • Activision earnings call revelations!
  • Some cold, hard Destiny 2 hype!
  • May 18th’s Gameplay reveal!
  • What we want from the sequel!
  • Iron Banner Mayhem Clash!
  • …and a whole bunch of questions from Guardians across the land!

If you enjoy the podcast, don’t forget to check back for more content and fire any questions over to @official_ngb or on our Facebook page  – Next-Gen Gaming Blog. 

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  • Spike Dean Chapman

    My only major concern about PC getting Destiny is weapon balancing. Bungie have not been the best at balancing weapons in Destiny 1 at any point and one of the biggest frustrations in other FPS games that balance weapons for both console and PC’s is that PC players having a mouse and keyboard have a lot more precision making certain weapons OP on the PC version but not the console version. The typical response to this is to nerf the weapon in question which in turn ruins it for a console player. This is my concern, it happened a hell of a lot of Battlefield which left Battlefield feeling unbalanced but due to the size of the maps and vehicles that helped re-balance, Destiny really doesn’t have that as it’s almost all infantry based with supers so poor balancing based on different input methods could really throw a spanner in the works.

    • Nick Harrington

      I completely agree regarding the balancing on Destiny 1. I don’t feel at any point they’ve managed to find a happy medium across all weapons and modes that works. Without doubt, it will be a major issue if they unify balancing across platforms; it simply won’t work for a game that has struggled to maintain something solid on a single platform, let alone multiple. I may be wrong, but I’ve read somewhere that Overwatch’s balancing is platform specific, so hopefully that’ll be the same going forward with Destiny 2, because like you say, it’ll be a big concern otherwise.

      There’s also rumblings of mouse/keyboard support being more of a thing with XBONE, so it’ll be interesting to see if Bungie flick that switch to enable it – another issue entirely!

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