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Editor-In-Chief - NGB Started writing for NGB in 2013, 3 years later I was running the show. I love what we do here, if you want to get involved, get in touch! PSN/Xbox LIVE/Steam - Winstano

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PS4 Tips and Tricks from NGB

Just picked up one of those 1TB PS4’s? Still got your settings set as the default from when you picked your launch day model up? Frustrated with long wait times to install patches just as you’re... Read more


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Not a Hero Review

Roll7 take a break from their skateboards and OlliOlli to create a stylised, hyper violent platformer themed around getting a huge, time-travelling purple bunny elected as Mayor. With a twisted sense... Read more


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Grim Fandango Remastered Review

“I played it, but I never finished it. Great game though”. That’s the mating call of the average 90s gamer when you mention Grim Fandango to them. Tim Schafer’s classic point and click... Read more