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World of Final Fantasy Review

Grymoire is the-waiting for you Game: World of Final Fantasy Developer: Square Enix Publisher: Square Enix Reviewed on:  (Review copy provided by publisher) World of Final Fantasy is a tale of... Read more

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Podcast 82 – Switching it up a notch

Join Ben, Andy, Gari, Jonny and Matt as they tackle some of the biggest topics in gaming, including: The Nintendo Switch! Red Dead Redemption 2! PSVR! Er… That’s pretty much the biggest 3 topics... Read more

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Mafia III Review

The first Mafia game is one of my all-time favourite video games in terms of accurately replicating a setting and atmosphere. It may not have had the greatest driving or shooting mechanics, but in... Read more

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Battlefield 1 Review

The ‘Great War’ took millions of lives around the world, seeing massive technological advancements to warfare and military tactics to the peril of many. So, whilst the change back to a more... Read more

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World of Final Fantasy Demo Out Now

Square Enix have today announced that a World of Final Fantasy playable demo is out now for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. The demo allows players to get a feel for the unique evolution of the... Read more

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Driveclub VR Review

It’s no secret that Driveclub had a slightly rocky launch when it launched last year. In fact, its launch was so botched that it tarnished what was, fundamentally, a very competent racer with a few... Read more

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Mantis Burn Racing Review

To be honest, I was fully expecting to spend the last few days reviewing the latest installment of sweaty pantomime simulator, WWE. As it turns out, I am instead reviewing a top-down racer, and as... Read more

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